Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What are the moves to the funky chicken, anyway?

It's not that I'm embarrassed by my mother's dancing; it's her daughter's wedding, and she's enjoying herself, getting into the party mood. But there's something a little unsettling about seeing your dear old mum bopping away to House of Pain's Jump Around, and Blister in the Sun, a song by The Violent Femmes purported to be about masturbation. Maybe you disagree; maybe you've one of those trendy mothers, who helped design your obscene nun tattoo, and gave you your first heroin cigarette when you were sixteen. That's not my mum. My mum bakes apple tarts, and secretly regrets that none of her children, now all over thirty, still need her help to tie their laces. There she is though, giving it socks. Shine on you crazy diamond. And don't pay too much attention to the lyrics. That's not a conversation I want over breakfast tomorrow...


  1. It is very, very close to the Arrested Development Sky Rockets In Flight situation, though thankfully far enough away to not be the Arrested Development Sky Rockets In Flight situation.

    Songs about knobbing yourself off have been around for since long before your mother was born too, so you can maybe take solace from the fact that she might have been in the same situation once.

    Off-topically: How are you getting on with the comics?

  2. My musically conservative dad didn't go so far as to dance at my brother's (his eldest child's) wedding, but he did sit there with a big smile on his face, tapping his foot to the Macarena. Which was, in many ways, far enough.

  3. notRuairi: JUST finished the third volume. Amazing stuff. Really great stuff.

    Eli: I think it's expected of parents to dance at their off-spring's weddings. It just should be to the old lame music that's played at the start of the night, for them. It shouldn't be to cool songs that I like.

  4. My word. Does nobody hire an orchestra anymore. Popular music at a wedding is bound to make the elderly appear foolish. A swing band at the very least might bridge the gap.

  5. It's was only a wee weding, so there was no live music at all. And they played the requisite oldies for the parents to enjoy.